Corporate Finance

We advise on mergers and acquisitions in Poland and throughout Central and Eastern Europe. We help raise capital on equity and debt markets, and provide support for financial restructuring processes.

Buyside Advisory

We help clients who are seeking to develop by acquiring companies in Poland. We assist at every step of the process, from identifying potential acquisition targets to negotiating and executing the transaction.

Sellside Advisory

We advise corporate and private shareholders on sales of their businesses, spin-offs and divestitures. We are capable of reaching a wide range of investors around the world, ensuring the best possible transaction terms for our clients.

Equity and Debt Financing

We help companies raise development capital and carry out refinancing. We recommend the optimal capital structure and financing instruments, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

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We are one of Poland’s most experienced corporate finance advisory teams. Our work on numerous cross border transactions at international financial institutions has given us the know-how to lead our clients safely through complex merger and acquisition processes.


Our advisory services meet the highest global standards of quality and integrity, guaranteeing our clients peace of mind and confidence when making strategic decisions.


We treat each transaction as a strategic project. Our Partners engage directly in execution at every step of the transaction, using their knowledge and experience to support our clients.


We are an independent advisory firm, not tied to any financial group, which allows us to maintain a fully objective view of our clients’ transactions. Guided by the highest ethical standards, we always work solely in the interest of the client.

Global Reach

We are a member of the Corporate Finance International (CFI) network, which gives us access to a broad range of investors around the world. In Poland, we have long-standing relationships with key financial investors, as well as with banks and other institutions that provide financing for companies.

Industry Knowledge

We have been engaged in transactions in all industries, and have detailed knowledge of the issues facing each area of the economy. That gives us a deep understanding of the specific nature and needs of each client, and allows us to offer the best solutions.

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International Reach

We are a member of the Corporate Finance International network, which allows us to ensure our clients access to a broad range of investors around the world and opportunity to expand internationally.

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