We have extensive experience in advising on a variety of merger and acquisition transactions. We work on:

  •  sales of companies
  •  sales of stakes in companies
  •  sales of assets
  •  acquisitions of companies (public or private)
  •  mergers
  •  joint-ventures
  •  LBOs, MBOs and MBIs

Each advisory assignment is preceded by an analysis of the transaction structure, including identification of potential investors or companies targeted for acquisition. We provide co-ordination of the overall transaction process and, depending on transaction requirements and client needs, preparation of marketing documents, valuation, structuring, due diligence and negotiations.

We advise clients on choosing the optimal financing for their development strategy, their strategic positioning and their owners’ objectives. We support clients on a wide range of financing options:

  •  IPOs and follow-on equity offerings
  •  private placements
  •  bank financing
  •  plain, convertible and exchangeable bonds
  •  mezzanine financing

We offer comprehensive co-ordination of the financing process, support in selecting the optimal instruments, identification of financing providers, and preparation of marketing documents, financial models, structuring and negotiations.

We advise on complex financial restructuring of companies. Our services in this area include:

  •  conducting detailed analysis of the company’s credit condition
  •  preparing financial models
  •  simulating a credit rating
  •  analysing current financing instruments and their fit with the company’s assets
  •  advising on the selection of financial instruments in financial restructuring
  •  obtaining offers for debt and equity financing
  •  co-ordinating the process of obtaining debt and equity financing

We support companies in the decision-making process related to their development path (whether organically or by acquisitions) and methods of financing. We also advise the owners of companies on strategic decisions regarding selection of potential capital partners and sale of their stakes.

Our services include:

  •  strategic financial advisory
  •  analysis of financial development options
  •  valuations
  •  financial modelling
  •  capital structure analysis
  •  investor relations support

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